Manned Guarding

A proven and effective management structure that ensures a consistent level of service, Flexible manned guarding services to meet long-term, short-term, and temporary requirements. Extensive management information provision through a suite of performance data reporting processes Security services that are designed to offer unrivalled levels of operational support on a 24/7 basis. Expertise in providing manned guarding services for a diverse range of industries and business sectors. A wide range of specialist services that complement our manned guarding activities

Remote Monitoring & Mobile Response

Intelligence-based security countermeasures that better support safety, security, and protection of assets, through a flexible, cost effective structure. With video event monitoring, actions can be directed remotely to where they are most needed, enhancing situational awareness, safeguarding assets, and identifying security breaches and incidents. We also provide our clients with escorted locks & unlocks and virtual patrol capability, ensuring that the property is secure, whilst also removing any risks to members of staff holding keys out of hours. When combined with responsive technology-enabled staff that can be dispatched per incident or from a client-dedicated mobile response team, we can deliver a flexible and reliable layered security or maintenance programme to any facility.

Office, Reception & Concierge

Our reception and concierge services provide outstanding front of house facilities, taking responsibility for the all-important interface between building and its visitor which is why all staff are hand-picked to create a welcoming and caring environment. Tailoring core services to specific requirements, reflecting the style in which they need to be delivered as well as introducing originality to the service delivery process are all values, we strongly believe in. We pay particular attention to the selection of employees, with fully flexible uniform options and bespoke training, while uniquely focusing on the brand, location and building occupiers. We deliver a luxury hotel-style experience through a seamless service supported by highly trained, motivated, and managed individuals.

Residential Security

We understand how important it is to ensure that your family and home are safe and secure. We supply residential security services as part of a prevention approach as directed by the residents and staff of the properties we look after. These services can consist of close protection teams, security officers, drivers, and dog teams, either as individual components or as part of a holistic security approach combined with consultancy, security installation support, remote monitoring, and operations control centre services. We will guarantee that the security system we install will suit you and your property perfectly. Our experienced team can carry out a free survey of your home to assess your security needs and tailor the system to your specific requirements.

Retail, Hotel & Hospitality

We fully understand the retail industry’s requirement for a flexible, adaptable, single-point security service where our highly trained and supported officers are thought of as an integral part of our client’s brands and their customers’ store experience. That way, we are able to maximise the benefits for all stores, not just for those that our staff are deployed to. Our service is customer-driven, delivered by staff that understand the needs and expectations of the guest experience. All of our staff understand the importance of providing an intuitive and first-class service that focuses on the guest experience at all times, whilst ensuring the clients’ security and safety policies are delivered in a manner that is unobtrusive and reassuring.

Construction Security & Vacant Property Protection

Construction sites are a combination of machinery, technology and people, and everything is constantly in motion, which the security team needs to be professionally trained for and managed. Our dedicated customer service-focused team make sure visitors, workforce and property are safe and protected, ensuring minimum disruption whilst providing best possible Solution, making construction projects operationally more efficient, secure, and safe. Our flexible solutions and support services enable our clients to concentrate on their core project objectives, by providing them below services that can support from design to project completion.

Events & Close Protection

We provide support at every stage, from planning, risk and threat mitigation, police & local authority liaison, event set up and derigging, through to secure transportation, asset protection, sweeps and ensuring the success of the event itself. We have a dedicated team of close protection and event personnel who are specifically recruited and trained to work on high-profile events and protection duties throughout the year. Our teams are sufficient in numbers to ensure that all ad hoc short-notice requests by our clients are completed to the highest standards and delivered on time.

Car parking security

Guards Services Limited Security Officers ensure that only permitted users are using car parking facilities. Our security presence offers peace of mind to car park users making them feel safe and secure 24/7/365. Car park security offers a number of benefits for our customers. This includes the assurance that unauthorised vehicles are not being left in spaces reserved for employees, visitors or other permit holders. Security Officers also help customers feel safe and that their vehicle and belongings are secure.